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The journey began with a question mark, but the TTE was quite helpful in ensuring I got my reservation confirmed. I got myself a travel magazine at the station and immersed myself into it upon boarding. This was unusual way of me beginning a journey, but I chose to be quiet that night as something else was running at the back of my mind. I was in the side lower berth and so was happy to sit and travel for a couple of hours into the night before I hit the sack. I was to get off the train the next morning at day break. This journey was shaping up to be uneventful, until I heard disquieting conversations of some co-passengers close to dawn the next morning.

Once the journey commenced I noticed that a suave young couple occupied their seats in the inside berths. They were quite lively in their conversations with other passengers who were travelling that night. Although I was into reading, their conversations were always within an earshot distance. I could figure out, that their friendly banter, with this family, was meandering into personal things, that were normally kept in the private domain. Even if such conversations were to happen, never have I encountered such conversations, at such a pace, in any of my overnight journeys. I continued to ignore them and kept to myself.

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Time for dinner but their chatting continued. Upon a kind reminder by one passenger that he needs to switch off the lights at 10pm, they settle down to have their food. From exchanging snacks, to exchanging food, everything was happening. Quite normal I thought. There is an element of trust built in before sharing of food takes place. But I did notice a departure. Despite this family refusing to share the young couple’s food, citing varied reasons, I found the young couple were not taking a no for an answer. They were so relentlessly persistent in their request, that the resistance of this family was tapering off.

They insisted that this family, taste at least one bite of their snacks of sweet and savories, as they were all home made. This family began exchanging looks with each other and were smiling away. They nodded their heads to signal their consent. Now the word home made was sufficient to change this family’s mind. They gobbled all that was on offer to their heart’s content. Sooner than later, they felt sleepy, and the young couple laid out the berths for them. They were kindness personified. In fact the young couple gave this family their lower berth as a mark of respect for their age.

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What unsettled my sleep early that morning were the disturbing questions that was there on everyone’s lips in and around them. Who were the young couple and where did they get off? It emerged that the young couple got away with 100gms of gold jewels, the lady of this family had been wearing.

Everyone were left shell shocked and nobody had any answers. Loud screams of this lady was of no use, as it was a story of crying over spilt milk or a realization after the con job was done. Police was called in, but at the end of the journey, a careless conversation and engagement proved costly. The point is, there were enough warning signals right from the word go, that were ignored.

I shall cover about inefficient use of X-Ray machines in one of my next posts.

Until then here’s signing off for the day. Please come back for more tomorrow.

The quirky experiences on an Indian train travel continues….


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