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Welcome to 20DegreesNorth Blog!

The quintessential idea behind this blog is to travel, explore and express. Taking its name from India’s latitude, the blog 20DegreesNorth.com is about journeys and discoveries. This mirrors sustainable and responsible travel, transformational experiences, engrossing stories, and valuable information, around Incredible India, South Asia, and the world. Come, join me in this journey!

My name is Kumar Tarur Parameswaran, and I am from Hyderabad, India. At 50, I called it time on my marketing & services business career, to step back and ruminate. A 3-year hiatus from work impelled me to follow my passion and motivation, to explore the country and its neighborhood, and nurture a purposeful livelihood. I have a long road ahead of me!

My passion is traveling by public transport, as also through the countryside, discovering and exploring offbeat, heritage, and classical destinations, always looking out for lifetime experiences. My motivation is in touching the lives of people, in different regions, playing a constructive role, in channeling their development, in my own small way, with an eye on the environment.

Having traveled to a dozen states and thirty locations over time, I gained an insight into sustainable and responsible travel. My aim, is in getting the big picture of Incredible India right, by traveling to all the states and union territories. I am a stickler for the right-sized budget while on the move, keeping it flexible enough within my grasp, to rejoice eye-opening experiences.

Hitting the road had always been part of my many conversations, which is something I long to do, from the bottom of my heart. The best thing to do is to dream big and follow the heart. In quest of the horizon, are many quaint little things I want to share, projecting kaleidoscopic visuals, making one want to travel there. This gave birth to the idea of travel blogging.

I set up this blog to express myself, in a way my readers would find it original, immersive, experiential, useful, purposeful, inspiring, and engaging. Let’s reach out to each other in the social space to share a rewarding and enriching interaction. Feel free to comment or email me, to have an engaging conversation and a meaningful dialogue.

Contact us: tpkumar [at] 20degreesnorth [dot] com