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Summer heat burns my skin but I am in no mood to take all that into account. My focus is on getting my ticket confirmation done at the station itself by speaking to TTE and hopefully without any major issue along the way. The rush at the station was enough to signal tough times ahead. Perhaps a lot many are travelling like me.

My travel worries started at the point of origin. Due to seasonal rush my ticket isn’t confirmed. The journey had to be made, but the situation didn’t give me the confidence of making it possible. I was among those who had the misfortune of being allotted RAC ticket, which atleast meant I could make the journey on that day with that ticket on that train. A seat indeed had been allotted to me for sure.

I had to push myself in to get inside the compartment. But when I did get to my seat, it was occupied by three people. I had to tell one to get off, by showing proof of my ticket copy. Thankfully I carried a print. Settling down to my allotted seat and with my RAC ticket issue yet to be resolved, I resign to fate when the TTE bluntly puts it across that berths are not available.

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Just then my co-passenger with the other RAC ticket slowly starts stretching his leg first and then his body, and finally prepared to take 40 winks, all at my cost. He had a smart way of telling me that he will rest for some time, and then I too can rest similarly later. Surely he was stretching his luck too far.

Something snapped within me. I told him I would have none of it, and he would have to sit. This said, the co-passenger’s chase of the TTE started in full swing. He was willing to pay “the price”. Such was his relentless chase that the TTE finally allotted him a berth close to midnight. By then I had mine and was fast asleep.

As if this was not enough, the person who comes into the compartment at the next station wakes me up and asks me to get off. Raising his voice and arguing with me, he threatened to call the TTE to sort things. Clearly I knew something was amiss. Ultimately when TTE did come, he discovers that he had boarded the wrong coach, and worse the wrong train too.  Giving me a sheepish smile, he walks away, while I give him my piece of my mind, for taking away my peace of mind.

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Watching from a distance was another passenger who wanted to try his luck now. He wanted me to exchange berths by occupying his at the other end of the compartment, as his friends are closer to where my berth was. There was no way I would move. Somehow I fended him off for the rest of the journey.

There were times when RAC would give a comfort zone that confirmation of berth was a mere formality once the journey starts. These days RAC clearly means you stay on the wings eternally hoping for a berth. So book your tickets well in advance if you don’t want disappointments of the berth kind. I will cover online reservations in one of my posts later in this series.

Until then here’s signing off for the day. Please come back for more tomorrow.

The quirky experiences on an indian train travel continues….



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