Getting pushy with Excess Baggage #BlogchatterA2Z

The train was already late and its scheduled stop was for only 2 minutes. There was a mad rush due to ensuing weekend. People were pushing each other to get in. It was a scene where either the elbow hit the rib cage or the suitcases hit the knees. Ouch! I gave way to a few elderly people to get in first. There was a lot of commotion with people shouting at each other for blocking their way with luggage.
My wait to get inside the train, seemed eternal, and my patience by now was being tested. The family ahead of me in the queue was loading their luggage of all hues and of sizes usually reserved for travelling abroad. This wasn’t it; they were loading cartons too, of all sizes. I could figure out they were shifting to another city, as the sendoff crowd made it look obvious.
This family was slow in moving their luggage right to the middle of the compartment, and this was blocking the path of all those who wanted to find their way to their seats. The moment this family began settling down, they started asking everyone to move their legs and keep it on the berths so that they could push their luggage inside. I can understand if they had only a handful of luggage for themselves, which in most cases wouldn’t inconvenience others. But here they started occupying others luggage space too. Having seen a tumult outside, a similar one inside was making me feel uneasy.
I did accommodate them by keeping my hand luggage on my berth like the laptop and the lunch bag. But their need for space or should I say greed for space was more. The way they went about it, looked as if the entire compartment was for them. They had the temerity to make an atrocious request that I keep my entire luggage on my berth, to accommodate theirs beneath the berth. Since I was occupying the upper berth, they wanted me to not only put my luggage up, but also move up and stay there through the journey. Made me wonder about whether I was travelling on RAC or a confirmed berth for this journey.
This was a long journey and I couldn’t afford to travel the way it was turning out to be. The family was beginning to be pushy and once settled, they were trying to talk rough with the passengers by asking whether their names were cast on the berth and luggage spaces. Their point was that since they are travelling a shorter distance than the rest of us, we should be more accommodative and adjust to the environment around us. Annoyed, I decided to take some action against them. Things were getting out of hand. I summoned courage to call the TTE to settle the issue.
No sooner the TTE arrived on the scene, the family knew their game was up. The TTE talked tough and was about to challan them, but upon relentless pleading by the family, he changed his mind and asked them to keep their luggage on their allotted berths, else would have to pay up a stiff penalty. Yet again causing great difficulty to passengers, they shifted their luggage from other spaces to their own berths, while all the while cursing their luck on the trip.

But this time, while the others made themselves comfortable, this family shared their own berths, much like RAC with two sitting in place of one. This could have been the scene in any unreserved compartment. It is time the railways come up with strict baggage rules at the station entry point itself. This would save passengers a huge embarrassment. I will cover scrambling for seats in one of my later posts.

Until then here’s signing off for the day. Please come back for more tomorrow.
The quirky experiences on an Indian train travel continues….


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