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While most journeys are quite uneventful, and are even forgotten in no time, a few experiences always stand out. Here I recall such moments in many journeys across decades.

Missing the train:
The last coach of the train left right before my eyes, even as I made my entry into the station. Under those circumstances, for a few moments I got stunned and did not know how to respond. It was my journey that was in the works for a year. A last ditch attempt to catch the last unreserved coach of the train, was futile. Even if I had made it, the TTE would have pounced on me, for I forgot the ticket at home. That morning, I had made a phone call trying to confirm my ticket. But in a hurry to rush to office, forgot the ticket and left it besides the phone stand. A double comedy played out that day.

Reaching station just in time:
I had exactly 30 minutes to catch the train, as a hectic day at office, delayed my departure. Compelling the autorickshaw driver, to reach station in 20 minutes, I offered to pay what he asked for. His driving skills that day, would have put a seasoned race track driver to shame. I had my heart in my mouth, seeing him drive between two buses, and drive in one way traffic roads. In record time, I was in the station, enough for me to get to my coach. In hindsight, had it not been for this driver, I would not have made it. I happily paid him double the fare, without batting an eye.

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Pickpocket while boarding:
When the train doors swung open, there was a mad rush to get into the train. Add to that the coach still dark with lights not yet switched on. I attempted to get into the train, going with the flow. All of a sudden, I felt somebody pulling my bags the opposite way from me, putting his hand into my pocket. I was helpless by then as both my hands were holding shoulder luggage. Once inside the coach, it became clear that someone had tracked me, to flick my mobile, at the opportune time. Purchasing the latest mobile, just a month earlier, I had paid a steep price. As a result, with it went my database of contact numbers, and tracing them back was a task.

Getting on the wrong train:
It so happens that this train comes at midnight, to the station, for journeys in both directions. Half sleepy I walked into the train, tired after a tough day in office. At the back of my mind, I was wondering why the compartment was empty, when it should actually have been full, given the season. Still nonchalantly, I sat down in the coach, waiting for the TTE to come and check tickets. Just when the train began moving, I heard an announcement, that settled all my doubts. To get down from a running train, and that too with luggage was a matter of great risk. That’s when Newton’s laws of motion kicks in to test your skills.

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Train journeys binds time and distance:
But some of my other memorable moments have been when I gave a surprise to my family by arriving a day early or the day I willingly gave the train a miss, to accommodate requests from family to stay back for a few days more. Train journeys and family meetings are what connects the dots in our lives.

I will cover conversations with passengers in one of my upcoming posts.
Until then here’s signing off for the day. Please come back for more tomorrow.
The quirky experiences on an Indian train travel continues….


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