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Entering the train, almost instinctively we tend to strike a conversation, with the passenger sitting next. Small engagements make a difference to the journey. During the course of the journey, we come across interesting personalities, and the interactions with some of them stay in etched in our memory. For that matter, in a couple of journeys, i have met the same set of people in my return journey as well. This adds to the enriching experiences we have meeting passengers. I love to observe people, as it engages me much more. Here are some interesting observations, on groups of people, that came off in my journeys.

The Villagers:
I have always admired the thrill that the rural populace get while travelling in a train. It is a big celebration for them. In the sweltering heat, the ladies wear their best silk saree full of handwork, covering their heads also fully, letting not an iota of air to enter. The children are forced to wear their full trouser and coat and there they are stuffed, sweaty and screaming, not to forget the streaming nose getting deposited in the coat cuff. The menfolk are also in their festive best with a big turban as well. I have to share that these people have the largest hearts, they offer everybody whatever they have to eat, they are happy to accommodate as many people as can be adjusted. (Content Credits: Suresh Srinivasan)

The families:
If you find a band of people hanging around to send off, surely there must be a family in the coach. They will tend to play with children, and typically travel as grandparents with their sons or daughters family. On the move, once they get comfortable with you, they tend to ask your personal details but wont hesitate to share theirs if there is a consonance. They are quite friendly and will go back in time to share their experiences with you. Sometimes as a family they are full on entertainment, as you get to share a lot of laughs. A tedious journey of 24 hours seem to pass just like that. But you have to be on the watch. They are the ones who could ask for your lower berth, just when you drop your guard.

The Children:
Nothing can stop the children from climbing up and down on the berths, or pestering their parents for more water. The restless bunch, they prefer getting down at each station the train halts. To be friendly with them takes time, but once the ice is broken, a barrage of questions follow. Give them something they grab it, but ask them something and they pull back almost instinctively. But what I like the best in them is when they reply with the sharpest wits. Parents of such children are quite watchful as they tend to tell everything that happens at home. Surely they don’t care for reputations even one bit.

The Professionals:
Very common these days you come across people who immediately upon boarding the train, plug their mobiles for charging and start working on their laptops. For atleast an hour or two, they will stay a world apart and will not interact with others. The gadget gurus, sunk in their own world, are first busy on laptop, then later are busy on mobile. If everything is over they take out their tablets and start seeing some videos. Their digital life overtakes personal life. I must say, they are wired differently.

I will cover types of individuals who travel in my last post.
Until then here’s signing off for the day. Please come back for more tomorrow.
The quirky experiences on an Indian train travel continues….


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