Passengers of Various Zodiac Signs #BlogchatterA2Z



You come across all types of passengers while travelling in the train. One of the best things that can happen is that sometimes you end up having a genuine friend with whom you tend to keep in touch. Many a time you also come across passengers who you keep meeting in many of your journeys on the same route. It could be either an onward journey or a return journey together in the same train, that such meetings serve as an introduction to become even more friendlier with the other person. Such meetings gives an added incentive to share personal information and perhaps even a business tie up would be on the cards.

You come across people who doubt the other person that during the journey they will not talk to you at all. They try to talk very little and generally keep to themselves. Any questions from our side, will be met with stony silence, or at best they will answer in single syllables. Such kind of people will not accept what you share and will generally crib if you put the lights on for searching your luggage. But if the length of the journey is long, then there is a chance that these doubting Thomases may turn around, with some kind heartedness, and feel satisfied to extend their hand of friendship.

Then there are others who always enter into the conflict zone with co-passengers. The moment something irks them they start yelling. It doesn’t matter to them if they are right or wrong, they always tend to see the other person as wrong. They will not share the berth during the seating hours and will tend to sleep giving you little room. They will occupy every bit of space for their luggage, without care that the other person too has to keep his. In fact such people will have the temerity to tell you to keep your luggage on your berth. They talk loud, keep lights on, switch off fans at the wrong time, open the windows when it has to be shut down, and the list goes on.



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