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And so it was in the dead of the night on March 31st that I really decided, I would move on with the A2Z blogging challenge. I had really no high hopes as this was an uncharted territory for me, to be able to come up with 300-500 words in a single day. Yet I made it!

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For most of the time I was chasing deadlines after falling back on some days when my laptop crashed, to being on the train travelling, to going blank, to being on the verge of giving up the challenge altogether. Yet I hung on!

While choosing a theme, I looked at various possibilities of it emerging as an interesting series, whereby people could connect with some if not all, of what I write. It was finally when I booked my tickets for a trip to Chennai, that it struck me, that I can write about my experiences of having frequently travelled on Indian trains for more than 3 decades. Thus was born the idea of writing about my experiences on trains. Yet I wasn’t ready!

Having travelled a large part of my journeys in sleeper class coaches, I could relate more to those experiences and less to AC class experiences. Although my articles were more of serious tones and bereft of humor, I made an attempt to bring out the silent voice of the many who travel everyday and have to bear it all. Yet a weak voice at it!

I decided to use my blog as an extension of the common man’s voice, and drew a lot from my own personal experience. Thus was born the series of articles on Quirky Experiences on Indian Train Travels. There was little scope for humor in such serious topics though. Yet I tried my best!

That said, it was a wonderful journey posting articles from A2Z in a span of 30 days, and thank blogchatter for being the enabler, and pushing people out of their comfort zone. Constant support and encouragement from the blogchatter team, thanks specially to Leha Divakar, for making things possible.

Here’s looking forward to next year’s challenge and hopefully will be better prepared.
Here’s wishing all my co-bloggers in this challenge a very successful blogging journey.

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