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Hampi – Boulders and Ruins have a tale to tell

THE KISHKINDHA MOMENTS Mountainous gigantic boulders scattered everywhere form the landscape and contours of Hampi, as I look around from the top of Anjanadri Hill....

Chhoti Haldwani Kaladhungi – Village nurtured by Jim Corbett

SPINE CHILLING MOMENTS"Any moment a tiger can dart out of these bushes”. My guide Mohan Pandey whispers, sounding quite cool. "Probably it's watching our...
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Kanchipuram – Carved in Stone and Woven in Silk

Arriving at Chengalpattu station, the glistening massive Kolavai Lake, took my breath away. My train changes direction here, taking me through lush green farms...
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Colorful Fontainhas – Panjim Goa’s best kept secret

Panjim Goa is one of the best places to visit. The colorful fontainhas has buildings of different hues.
Secunderabad Railway Station

Secunderabad-The confluence of influences

Hyderabad's twin city Secunderabad, established in 1806 was originally a British cantonment. Secunderabad today is both a cultural and food destination.
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