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You spot x-ray machines these days at some important stations across the country. This is part of the new security system that the railways deem to have put in place, especially with the country going through an upheaval in terms of terrorist attacks in many parts of the country in the past. It is a nice system to have the device check the luggages as one can feel safe while travelling, and with the thoughts that the perception of threat has been reduced by some screening. Ofcourse we cannot rule out mishaps, but this is a sure shot way to ring in a confidence building measure amongst the passengers.

At the station where x-ray machines are in place, you are asked to pass the luggage through them. The first thought that goes through your mind is an appreciation for the systems in place that the railways have brought in with care and concern for the passengers. However you are quick to notice that the x-ray services are not as strict as they are often seen in airports. You can quickly notice that the security apparatus, which includes the machine and staff, are not serious at their work, and they don’t really seem to be checking anything on their screens. The luggage goes in and comes out with equal speed which means it may not be halted for screening.

Sometimes one can notice the security staff playing on their mobiles while you put your bags through for scanning and screening. It is not common sight, but perhaps it’s the strangest thing one would come across. You notice it more glaringly when you seriously mean to scan your luggage and take them in for the safety of all passengers. Perhaps it could be a sign of machine not working rather than security not working, for only if the machine worked without breakdown will the staff do a conscientious work and do it in a manner that their duty demands in terms of due.

While one set of luggages are passing through the security machine, there are always another set of people who do not pass the luggage for scanning. You notice that there is so much chaos at the station, that there isn’t much checking happening. People just walk through even without going through the door scanner kept for incoming passengers. It is a sad thing to notice that people slip in through without even screening their luggages even for the sake of having them scanned. They just walk through. This just cannot happen at airports for sure, as rigorous scanning takes place and they ensure every luggage is tagged before loading.

Everytime there is a disturbing news across the country screening norms kick in. The security people are swarming all over the place with their guns to give a frightening scare. But all of that stays just that and nothing beyond to really scan the luggages using the x-ray machines on a regular basis ever happens in most of the stations, where the luggage x-ray scanners are installed. Less said the better for all the other stations, where in the normal course of things, even the station entry points are left unchecked and unmanned at times. Hopefully before long, the railways will make x-ray screening compulsory for all passengers across the country.


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